Life is a journey, and every path that I have followed has led me to this exact moment. My name is Brie. I was born in South Miami and after a childhood full of horse lessons and competitions, I moved to Central Florida in 2000. I started working at the Orlando horse-based dinner how Arabian Nights for 13 wonderful years, where I was involved daily in live performance, training, and management. I gravitated to the role of equine Movement Specialist where I first truly discovered my love for movement quality and balance, albeit working with horses rather than humans. When the attraction finally closed its doors, I enrolled at Orlando Medical Institute where I earned my certification as an EMT-Paramedic as well as an A.S. degree in Emergency Medicine. After I graduated OMI, I continued my medical education at Valencia Community College where I earned another A.S. degree, this time in Exercise Science Physiology.

During this time, I was forced to confront the years of damage done to my body and the long-lasting impacts that had started to arise. In 014, I had surgery for an artificial disc replacement between C5-C7 as well a discectomy between T11 and T12. Facing a daunting recovery period and basically being permanently forbidden from hanging upside-down from a horse, I had to search for a physical rehab that was suitable to my rather intense habits.

After a period of soul-searching, I discovered pole fitness which became the perfect outlet for my rehabilitation. It gave me a new passion for my love of performance and allowed me to find a new-found respect for balance and self-expression, which led to an unexpected business opportunity and in 2015, I became a business owner and founded Dandelion Pole and Fitness in Orlando. With a strong emphasis on zero-judgement, I gradually integrated other related activities such as dance technique, competition training, personal training, and aerial arts, drawing from my past experience with training animals.


These practices expanded and introduced me to something that truly changed my life: yoga. The practice completely changed my mindset of how I view myself, my environment, and how to reclaim the control over my body. The yoga community eventually led me to connect with Kristopher Pace, who’s coaching allowed me to further break down my personal barriers and refine my practice on an entirely different level.

These next levels include handstands and hand-balancing techniques. Something I never knew existed within myself and, with Kris’s direction, showed me that physical limitations that I previously thought would be impossible to overcome can be achieved with the right guidance and coaching.

Life’s path is an unknown, and miraculously has led me down a road of fulfillment when it could have ended in hopelessness. It inspires me every day to enlighten and encourage a community that is looking for self-improvement and personal growth. That support saved my life and I owe it to the world to share the experiences that shaped me to be the strong, confident person that I am today mentally and physically, and most importantly, who I strive to be in the future!