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My name is Lili and I am a handstand addict. My addiction to the handstand started in 2016. I was feeling broke, unmotivated, and bored. Scrolling
through Instagram, like we all do, I came across a handstand challenge. #handstand365

It seemed simple enough. Handstand every day for 10 days in various poses.
I dove in. Followed all the hosts and sponsors and was all set to nail this handstanding thing.


To my surprise, I was pretty bad at it, but I didn’t care... because I wasn’t just having fun with it, I fell in LOVE with hand balancing! I kept up my handstand practice after the challenge and have spent nearly every day since working toward my ever changing handstand goals.

I’m excited to share all that I’ve learned over the years and look forward to helping you all reach your
handstand goals!