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I have always felt in tune with everything around me. I felt as though I was tapped into
the vibration of life but didn't quite understand it until I came across yoga. I discovered yoga in 2003 via my employer at the time. It was a revelatory experience that I
continued to revisit. It became apparent that it was needed to maintain balance in my
hectic New York City life. So after 10 years of off and on practicing, I decided to sign up
for yoga teacher training. It changed my life. After completing my 200 hour yoga teacher
training in 2014, I pursued and completed my 300 hour advanced training with Laughing
Lotus in 2017. I continued my studies with some of the best teachers in the world.-
attending advanced trainings, workshops and apprenticeship programs. I am trained to
teach - vinyasa, power, lotus flow™, yin and restorative yoga. I have had the honor to
have taught in some of the best studios in New York City. I'm now so very excited to
share my teachings in my new home of Orlando.

The practice I share and teach is reflective of how I like to live and move. I like to
explore boundaries but with strength, structure, stability and a little wit. I enjoy testing

my level of true presence. To me, nothing brings more satisfaction than putting in
maximum effort and receiving the rewards of that effort. I have acquired many
techniques and lessons from yoga and as a result I feel compelled to share these
techniques with my students in hope that it can help them in their daily lives. My classes
are alignment focused and breath leveraging to carry you through both your practice
and your daily life. I will challenge you when you need to be challenged and I will help
you let go of what doesn't serve you both physically and mentally. We will breathe,
move, sweat and pray together into stillness.

I never intended on actually teaching yoga after signing up for yoga teacher training and
yet here we are. I'm so very grateful for this practice and even more so that I get to
share it with my students. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

-200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Exhale Spa with Stefanie Eris
-300 hr Advanced Intensive Training with Laughing Lotus
-3 Month - Laughing Lotus Apprentice Program (Vinyasa & Restorative yoga) with Jamie Lyn Skolnick
-35 hr - Katonah Yoga Teacher Training Intensive with Nevine Michaan
-30 hr - Sequencing & Verbalizing Intensive with David Regelin
-25 hr - Yoga Nidra Advanced Intensive with Cathy Dirkx
-Over 1000 teaching hours - Experienced Yoga Teacher