Yoga is the practice of balancing your mind, body, and spirit . The BALANCE Studio offers Vinyasa-based classes weekly in order to assure that each practitioner receives the most balanced and precise practice available. Our system of yoga utilizes many of the yoga disciplines. However, we like to  keep it simple, and available to yogis of all levels. The BALANCE Studio  ensures an environment that facilitates a practice that’s easy to understand, while practicing safely and efficiently at the guidance of our coaches.


Kris Pace has earned his E-RYT teacher training certification, which comes from professionally instructing for over 1000 hours. Kris has taught yoga in over 20 countries in far-reaching locales such as Bali, Patagonia to Singapore, and countless other major cities around the world.  His certification through CrossFit, hand balancing experience, personal training, and acrobatic training will enhance your balance practice.  Each instructor at The BALANCE Studio is required to complete training with Kris, or successfully demonstrated their ability with Kris to teach at the studio. The majority of our yoga classes incorporate both hand and arm balancing. We believe that those are an important and primary part of the yoga practice and the process of achieving ALL THINGS BALANCE.

Check out our yoga classes today and experience the difference and find your Balance.



The practice of handstands and hand balancing is a delicate practice which requires intensive coaching in order to achieve the right stack and shift. Hand balancing involves all forms of inversions including handstands, hollow-back handstands, canes, and one arm handstands. The BALANCE Studio offers experienced balance teachers who have all been approved by The BALANCE Studio and are prepared to teach at any time.

We hire and train our staff to be proficient in hand balancing and in the art of handstands.  We dare you (Seriously, Do it!!!) to challenge our staff by coming in and asking any staff member to perform a handstand technique!! If you are looking to develop a handstand practice; and want to learn more about hand balancing, please contact us or attend one of our classes.



“Acro yoga” and  “Acro” are interchangeable terms that encompass a practice of acrobatic balance. The entire art of Acro is quite simply summed up as “partners in balance”.  The BALANCE Studio offers a class that allows our clients to practice acrobatics weekly, which encourages people to cultivate balance with others.

Unlike any other forms of balance training, Acro provides a unique set of skills which encourages you to work with another person to achieve a connected state of balance. Life requires us to always be working with each other. At The BALANCE Studio, we believe it is important to offer classes that allow you to find balance with others as well as personal balance. The BALANCE Studio offers classes for all skill levels. From the beginning of your journey, The BALANCE Studio provides a safe and secure environment for wherever your practice leads you.



At BALANCE we will offer a spectrum of fitness classes designed to compliment and enhance your balance or yoga practice. Cross training is an excellent way to keep your mind and body in balance throughout your fitness journey.  We will offer classes focused on lower body and core strength, as well as full body toning. No weights? No problem… Our classes will be focused around bodyweight and calisthenics style training, while still being infused with the flow and breath work of your favorite yoga practice.



At The BALANCE Studio, we believe it is important to incorporate all forms of movement that will help you in your balance and fitness practice.We feel that as we have become more removed  from the natural world, we have lost our natural movement abilities. It is our goal to help our clients regain that connection to their natural movement, and to reconnect with that missing element.  Organic movement skills help preserve and improve physical function, health, and balance no matter what age or fitness level a person is at.



Life coaching is the practice of creating a program to allow an individual to achieve maximum performance in every aspect of their life. Through life coaching together we will decide what will work most efficiently and effectively for you to achieve all of your goals  using life coaching techniques and evaluation. We will design a custom program for you to achieve your goals. At The Balance Studio, life coaching is offered one on one with Kris based on a plan designed specifically for each individual. This program included fitness, nutrition, meditation, and numerous other aspects of life.  Contact The Balance Studio today to schedule your free evaluation in preparation to achieve your goals and improve your life.



Personal training at The Balance Studio is offered by Kris Pace to help you to achieve your fitness goals. Unlike most personal trainers, Kris not only is a certified personal trainer, he is also an experienced yoga instructor.  Through body weight exercises Kris helps you safely and efficiently achieve your goals. Being well-versed and well trained in both stretching mobility and strength training, Kris’s program allows you to master the body balance you need to only gain or lose weight, and fat. Balance in personal training is essential as the body is designed to move efficiently and effectively when stretched and strengthened properly. Contact us today to schedule your free evaluation with Kris to see how many sessions you will require in order to achieve your personal goals.